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Single Wills

A single will is a legally binding document that outlines the wishes of an individual in regards to their assets and property upon death. It allows a person to designate where their belongings will go, who will receive them, and how they are to be distributed.

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Mirror Will

A mirror is a reflective surface that reflects light to create an image of whatever is in front of it. Mirrors are commonly used for personal grooming, decorative purposes, and to view oneself or objects behind the mirror.

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Funeral Plans

A funeral plan is a type of insurance product that allows individuals to pay for their own funeral expenses in advance. It typically includes an upfront payment to cover the costs associated with burial or cremation.

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Property Protection

A property protection trust is a legal arrangement in which an individual transfers ownership of their assets to a trust for the benefit of themselves and other named beneficiaries.

Why Should You Make A Will Kent

Typically, a Will serves as a legal document where you outline your desires for the distribution of assets, such as property, money, possessions, investments, and the care of your children, in the event of your passing.


If you live in UK and you pass away without having a valid legal bestowal, the government will have the authority over the distribution of your assets.

Also, other people will be free to make decisions, to their benefit, on who to take care and educate your children under the age of 18 years.

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Why Work With Wills 4 Less Kent
Your essential must do's - When Making A Will!
Approximately 59% of British adults did not have a Will

Make Your Families Life Easier

Creating a Will is crucial as it helps prevent situations like inheritance disputes. It’s a common scenario where people end up in court, battling their own family members for certain assets or investments.


Crafting a professional Will is crucial, so make sure to carefully select who will oversee your Estate after your passing. Opting for a remarkable executor will guarantee that your wishes and bequeathals are implemented in line with your intentions and desires.

Who is Your Beneficiary

To prevent such incidences; therefore, you should write a legacy and bestow your possessions to your children according to your wish and desire.


Before writing a Will, you should consider the value of the properties you own, including savings, cars, and furniture.

Also, acknowledge your homes, business entities or even property abroad, and the legacy should outline the individual to receive them after you are gone.

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What to Consider, When Writing a Will

Trust and Trustees

Many folks lack awareness regarding the role of trustees and often overlook appointing them when creating a Will. Trustees are individuals you trust to manage your assets for the welfare of your family members, including minors under the age of 18.


The reason behind writing a Will is to ensure that your loved ones inherit your possessions you worked hard to obtain. You should determine carefully on how your property will be divided and who should inherit what.

The beneficiaries may include your children; wife or wives; close relatives, such as aunts, uncles, and grandchildren; friends or co-workers or any other person you may wish.


Usually, if you have young kids, you should choose the person who is to take care of them until they attain the adult age, for most states is 18 years.

Therefore, it is reassuring to understand that you have the right to appoint an official guardian of your choice for your children in the will.

Your Letter of Wishes

Our Online Will Writing service, known as a Single Will, is designed for individuals who wish to bequeath their possessions solely for their own benefit. At our law firm, our team of specialists will guide you through the simple steps of creating your legacy, ensuring a swift and hassle-free process. Additionally, we provide you with a dedicated advisor who will discuss your wishes and assist you in crafting a personalized document that suits your unique circumstances.

FAQs: Everything You Need To Know About Wills

Do I Need To Write A Will Kent?

Having a written Will is absolutely crucial. Let’s take the scenario of being a resident of England. If you were to pass away without a document detailing the distribution of your assets, your possessions would fall under the control of the government. Shockingly, they could determine who inherits what, and might even direct funds to other projects instead of providing for your children.

What information will I need to write a Will?

When making a will, you need to submit details, including your full names and addresses, titles of the executors, the location and a complete description of all the assets, and the particulars of the minor children before your death.

Who should I appoint as my executor Kent?

It is advisable to choose a trustworthy person, and it is wise to appoint more than one person, especially in high valued estates.

Why should I review my Will?

After writing your Will, it is worthwhile to review it once or twice after every five years, to make the adjustments; for example, the number of the grandchildren have changed, or the value of your assets has declined on increased.

How can I provide for adults with special needs in my Will?

To ensure that the persons benefit from the inheritance, you should consider establishing a Trust so that they can receive the revenue regularly rather than a lump-sum.

I have a will, but I am getting married soon, is my Will still valid?

Your Will remains valid until you get married, marrying invalidates your previous legacy, and you should make another immediately, or your possessions will be subject to intestacy policies.

Do I need a solicitor to make a Will?

No, making a Will is flexible, and you can make it individually, or you can request the assistance of a professional Will writer.

Why do I need two witnesses in a Will writing?

According to the UK’s statutes, when a person signs a Will, there have to be two independent adults, above 18 years old, to witness the event for it to be valid and enforceable in a court of law.

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"I cannot express enough how grateful I am for the exceptional services provided by the professional will writers at Wills 4 Less Kent. As someone who had put off estate planning for far too long, their expertise and guidance made the entire process seamless and stress-free."
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"I couldn't be more satisfied with the exceptional services provided by Wills 4 Less Kent. As someone who had never drafted a will before, I was apprehensive about the process. However, their team of professional will writers made everything so easy and hassle-free.”
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